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When BookLeveler was launched in 2013, we never anticipated that it would generate a community of more than 40,000 educators across the world.  

Within that time, we received more feedback than we ever anticipated. Hundreds of messages offered ideas for how we could improve the app not just for educators, but for readers from all walks of life. These ideas presented a unique opportunity to start a new company dedicated to building a better book discovery app. So, we did just that. 

Introducing Artifact, by Unbound Concepts.  

Artifact does what BookLeveler never could. With Artifact, you can still match books students by grade level, but there's so much more. The app dives deeper into a book's attributes (aka "Artifacts") to match you with the book that's right for you or your students.

Expanded Basic Search: Quickly search basic criteria such as title, author, publication date, Accelerated Reader Scores, Library Journal Reviews, Lexile readability scores and more
Search Non-Traditional Attributes: Look for very specific ideas or attributes within a text, such as topics, themes, essential questions, literary elements, maturity warnings and more.
Combine Layers of Criteria: Drill-down to find the right book for you or your readers
Create Collections: Book collections can be used to organize lessons, topics and different layers of search criteria.
Contribute Your Own Artifacts: Participate in the Artifact community by sharing your own thoughts, notes, and observations on books you've read. 




Interested? We thought so.  
Artifact is available now for the web and iOS.
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